Hawaii by the Numbers

Miles driven: 362

Beds slept in: 5

Accommodations rented: 4

Accommodations with balcony ocean view: 3

Waterfalls admired: 4

Hours snorkeled: 3.5

Sea turtles seen: 2

Fake tattoos painted on Heather: 4

Flowers worn in my hair: 1

Hula dances watched: 2

Near-death driving experiences: I can’t even think about it

Sunset drinks drunk: 9

Palm trees photographed: approximately 500

Hawaiian words I knew before arriving: 2

Hawaiian words I learned while there: 15

Hawaiian words I know now: 2

National parks visited: 2

Friends made by Heather, at the hotel check-in, at restaurants, at the luau, etc.: At least 6

Total money spent, including airfare: $2,477

Total days spent there: 14

Average per day, including airfare: $177

Total money spent, NOT including airfare: $1,677

Average per day, NOT including airfare: $120

Money regretted having spent: not a cent

Moments treasured with a beloved sister: countless

Island Indulgences on Oahu

When Heather and I got back to Oahu from the Big Island, we didn’t have big plans. In fact, other than “visit Pearl Harbor,” we didn’t have any plans at all. We were perfectly content to sleep in, stroll to the beach to read and swim, walk around town, eat at the condo or out at a restaurant, and generally indulge in easy living. Here’s what that looked like:

The view from our condo rental

I want flowers in my drinks

Duke Kahanamoku statue at Waikiki Beach

some of the sidewalks around town had Hawaiian words and definitions in them

view of Diamond Head

Surprise Wednesday night fireworks, seen from our balcony