Editorial, Transcription & Copywriting Services

Whether you’re a busy PhD candidate or a first-time novelist, a small company looking for a marketing boost or a researcher with hours of interviews to transcribe — I’m here to help. ​My turnaround times are fast, and my quality standards are high. Email me at lisa.findley@gmail.com to get a quote today!

I have been editing, proofreading, transcribing, and copywriting for over 15 years. My clients have included novelists, memoirists, academics, nonprofits, and small companies. In the last two years alone, I have built up an international base of academic clients, specializing in law and social sciences written in English. I am proficient in both British and American English.

My goal as an editor and proofreader is always to make the author sound as good as possible — while preserving the author’s voice. None of this scary red pen stuff; all my comments are framed to be as encouraging as possible, while getting to the heart of what I’m querying. Rates are set on a per-client, usually hourly, basis.

If you’ve just spent several months interviewing subjects for your research, the last thing you want to do is listen to those same interviews again in order to write everything down. Let me do the transcribing — you can go back later and listen to key sections only, and keep your focus where it should be, on the analysis. I work at a flat rate, and only add a surcharge if the background noise or speakers’ accents make the work take significantly longer than usual.

Nonprofits and small companies have so many ways to reach their donors and clients nowadays. Who has time to make sure all those avenues are being used? Bring me in to write your blog posts, punch up your tweets, even do a careful edit of your website to make sure no mistakes jump out. Rates are flat rate, hourly, or in-kind, depending on what we work out.

Discover the benefits of professional writing assistance.
Email me at lisa.findley@gmail.com to get a quote today!

Here are just a few testimonials:

“I love what you have done. Great job.” — Published novelist

“Thank you for your expedient and good help!” — PhD candidate

“My thesis got approved and had a very positive evaluation overall. Concerning language, it was found to be written in a ‘clear and eloquent language.’ And this is certainly your merit too! So thank you very much for all you have done.” — Post-doc

“Very useful and thorough work!” — Lecturer