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Dearest fellow travelers, I’m on Part 2 of my trip around the world. As with last time, I’m using all my own savings to travel, but I’m not one to turn down others’ generosity. Some friends and family members have expressed interest in helping me out a little, and I’m grateful to them and want to make that process as easy as possible.

I’ve updated this page with special excursions I hope to make that are a little pricier than the fee for a museum or national park. You can take a look at these and decide if you’d like to contribute a little toward getting me there. I think this is more fun than handing me $5 and hoping I do something worthwhile with it, although that’s fine too!

Click on the PayPal button below or in the sidebar on the homepage and you’ll be directed to a page that will ask you to type in the amount to donate and the purpose for that donation–here you can write in what expedition you’re helping fund, or you can just say it’s for general use. Then you can either use your PayPal account or, if you don’t have an account, you can pay with a credit card or a direct bank transfer.

I’ll send you a thank-you note and a postcard from the expedition you’re contributing to, and unless you want to remain anonymous or unheralded, I’ll give you a big shout-out on this here blog. If you just want to give generally, rather than for a specific expedition, that works too.

Please feel no pressure to pitch in anything at all; this page really did come out of requests from others, not a desire to fleece my loyal readers. If you do have some coins to spare, I’ll be very grateful. Thanks!

PAST STOWAWAY EXCURSIONS (click on the links to read about how much I enjoyed them)

DID IT, LOVED IT – Amazon jungle tour, Bolivia – $300

DID IT, LOVED IT – Machu Picchu, Peru – $250

DID IT, LOVED IT – Dolphin Encounter at Kaikoura, New Zealand – $140

DID IT, LOVED IT – Outback Tour to Uluru and Kings Canyon, Australia– $350

DID IT, LOVED IT Volunteering at Elephant Nature Park, Thailand – $400



Many, many thanks to the following people, who have funded Stowaway excursions over the last couple years:

Rog & Anne
Steve & Nicky
Emmett & Lizzie
Dan & Barb

Doug & Diane
Ted & Dana
Nancy & Jack
Jenny & Howard
Louis & Kathy
Jim & Martha
Mike & Marianne

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