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Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you haven’t already, visit the About page to get an idea of what I’m doing here and understand the scope of my travel plans. Once you’ve done that, come on back to this page and leave a suggestion for where I should visit. Have a favorite restaurant in Seoul? Know of the perfect public park in Nairobi? Stayed in a tucked-away guesthouse on the coast of Thailand? Let me know in two easy steps!

1) Write up as much info as you have in the comments so I can actually find the place/know what I’m getting into.

2) Visit the following Google Maps page (Lisa’s World Trip 2012-2014) and make a marker of the location; you can even include a quick description.

The world is a big, beautiful place, and with your helpful guidance, I can see the best parts of it. I’ve received many suggestions over the years for where I should go and what I should do with my time, and this’ll be a good way to pool all that knowledge in one handy place.

Let me know in the comments or at lisa [dot] findley [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any problems accessing the map (I think you might have to be signed in to Google to add to it) and I’ll do my best to fix it.

13 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

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  2. Lake Baikal is the oldest and biggest (by volume) lake in the world. It even has its own species of dolphin! If you time it right, I may be there too doing awesome science!

  3. Hi Lisa! You should try to check out the Guizhou and Guangxi provinces of China. A couple cities/towns to check out:

    Fly into Guiyang (it’s a big city with an international airport, I believe). From there you can head out to Ashan, and then to a bunch of Miao and Dong minority villages (the villages are pretty rural, and can take a while to get to, but it’s a popular place for Coastal Chinese to vacation, so there are plenty of guesthouses.) Some villages are Xiajiang and Zhaoxing (both Dong) and Basha (a Miao village, sometimes spelled Biasha). There are dozens upon dozens of villages all through the mountains there, and amazing views of rice terraces.

    Then you can head over to the city Guilin to see some amazing karsts. Guilin’s a huge city and quite crowded, so just an hour south of there on the same river (with the same amazing scenery) is Yangshou, which is a smaller town, kind of touristy, but more backpacker-oriented.

    Have a blast, and lemme know if you need any clarification…

  4. Cassis and Les Calanques in southern France will make you forget that you have ever felt sad in your life. The views will take your breath away.

    southern Spain – really rich religious history.

    BERLIN. best city EVAH

  5. Hi, I just found your blog through Facebook. I love the idea. I taught English for two years in China and found it a great way to make brief forays out into Asia. I note in your setup a “come back to the States right quick to make some more money” and advise instead that you budget some time to set down somewhere in Asia and teach for a few bucks. Schools run fall-summer, and there are always language centers and summer camps looking for native-English speakers. I might be able to help you find temp work in China, Thailand, possibly Cambodia if you want to try that. Visa situations might be more tricky for less than a year, but there’s probably a way.

    • That is also a very good idea, and I know some others who’ve taught in Korea and Japan as well. Part of the reason for the stopover in the States is that I’m pretty sure after 2 years of traveling, I’ll be homesick for friends and family, but there’s nothing saying I can’t make money more than once!

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