Taking and Making: April 23

Today, I took in:

Jamaica Kincaid’s “Xuela” in 100 Years of the Best American Short Stories


I made:

a stroll around Kew Gardens, bluebell hunting with friends

an energetic hour of drama play with a new group of kids for a new term of volunteering

lovely music with the choir


Taking and Making: April 22

Today, I took in:

Mary Gaitskill’s “The Girl on the Plane” in 100 Years of the Best American Short Stories

Anthea Hamilton’s performance art installation The Squash at the Tate Britain


I made:

a couple turns ’round my neighborhood park with a friend visiting from overseas

Taking and Making: April 18

Today, I took in:

a great little talk on the women of Hanbury House in Worcestershire

a laughably imperialist approach to Winnie Mandela and South Africa in the BBC’s The Real Winnie Mandela — did no one watch the edit and think, “gee, we sound like prats”?

an episode of Wannabe


I made: 

a nice stroll around the gardens of Hanbury House with my grandmother