Sunrise, Sunset

Sunset, London, England


Taking and Making: March 14

Today, I took in: 

another episode of Endeavour (just doing the whole series this week, Shaun Evans and Roger Allam are so good)


I made:

a start on a course for a certification that might open up more jobs for me

Taking and Making: March 11

Today, I took in:

another amazing storytelling event, this one by Chirine El Ansary at the British Museum, as part of the Crick Crack Club’s Myths Retold series; she told several tales from 1001 Nights, and she did it about a fourth in Arabic and the rest in English — very cool, and really took you deeper into the story, as you paid attention to every movement she made and the inflection of each word she said, to be sure you followed along

“Friends” by Grace Paley


I made:

the beginnings of some ruminations on a story idea

Taking and Making: March 10

Today, I took in:

A couple performances at Vault Festival in the vaults under Waterloo Station: a retelling of the Orpheus myth, which was well done although I thought the music was a bit same-ish; and a couple of stories from the wonderful Irish storyteller Clare Muireann Murphy


I made: 

another exciting purchase — tickets to Israel for two weeks!

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Here’s to the heroes, leaders, inspirations, and trailblazers. Here’s to all the women who navigate the complexities of an intersectional life. Here’s to the trans* women living proudly and refusing to prove their gender to anyone. Here’s to the women breaking glass ceilings and sports records and stereotypes and boundaries. Here’s to the women having it all, and acting as role models for their children. Here’s to the women making scientific breakthroughs, creating brilliant works of art, writing groundbreaking laws. Here’s to the women running the shops, working the factory floor, farming the fields, cooking the food, cleaning the offices, answering the phones. Here’s to the women working tirelessly every day in hospitals, schools, care homes, youth centers, job centers, hospices, and nurseries to improve the lives of others. Here’s to the women who consciously bring love and joy to everything they do.

And perhaps most importantly and most rarely commented on in these types of things — here’s to all of us when we’re not being heroes, when we’ve had a shit day and eat ice cream for dinner, when we lose our temper with our significant other or make a mistake at work that can’t be fixed, when we stay in our comfort zone and don’t try the hard thing, when we cry and rage and refuse to work the second shift. Here’s to us remembering that we don’t have to be super strong or super caring or super giving or super smart to deserve the admiration of others.

Here’s to us being fully human, and to the feminist and womanist movements that work to create a world that sees us as such, respects us as such, and structurally supports us as such. Here’s to us knowing that we are worthwhile just by being, and to creating a world that honors that.