Hawaii by the Numbers

Miles driven: 362

Beds slept in: 5

Accommodations rented: 4

Accommodations with balcony ocean view: 3

Waterfalls admired: 4

Hours snorkeled: 3.5

Sea turtles seen: 2

Fake tattoos painted on Heather: 4

Flowers worn in my hair: 1

Hula dances watched: 2

Near-death driving experiences: I can’t even think about it

Sunset drinks drunk: 9

Palm trees photographed: approximately 500

Hawaiian words I knew before arriving: 2

Hawaiian words I learned while there: 15

Hawaiian words I know now: 2

National parks visited: 2

Friends made by Heather, at the hotel check-in, at restaurants, at the luau, etc.: At least 6

Total money spent, including airfare: $2,477

Total days spent there: 14

Average per day, including airfare: $177

Total money spent, NOT including airfare: $1,677

Average per day, NOT including airfare: $120

Money regretted having spent: not a cent

Moments treasured with a beloved sister: countless

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