How to Live Your Dreams in 2015

How do you live your dreams in the new year? Don’t worry about it. I don’t mean that in a The Secret, trust everything to the universe and you’ll get everything you ever wanted kind of way. Neither do I mean it in a nihilistic, there’s no point to anything so just give up kind of way. I mean it in a realistic, optimistic way. I mean it in the way I posted about early last year. If we help each other, we’ll all get closer to our respective dreams. And we won’t get everything we dream of, but that’s okay, too. So do everything you can, but don’t worry if things don’t turn out just as you imagined them.

Tower Bridge at night

Tower Bridge at night

Most of our dreams can only be reached by a combination of effort, assistance, and luck.I wouldn’t be living in London if it weren’t for assistance, for example. If Liz and her flatmates hadn’t taken me in for several weeks while I got all the paperwork in order and bank account set up, and then a job to put some money in that bank account, I wouldn’t have been able to live in this expensive city. I met a couple people through Liz who were looking for someone to do the kind of work I’m good at, so I got some jobs in my field. As the end of January approaches and I need to find a new place to live and new projects to work on, I’m in a much better frame of mind than I was four months ago, when I was in a similar situation. Now I have some work experience in this country, which always looks good on the resumé, and although house hunting is a rough business in the squeezed rental market of London, I know the neighborhoods slightly better and I’ll find something for at least a little while. The dream of living and thriving in London is getting more tangible. I do the work on my own, I go for what I want on my own, but I’m ever grateful for the support behind me as I do it. That’s the stuff dreams are made of.

8 thoughts on “How to Live Your Dreams in 2015

  1. That’s right, the support of others is so essential! I couldn’t have the life I have without the support of my husband, parents, friends, etc. I’m going to try to appreciate my people more in 2015. Good reminder. Each one of us creates our own destiny, but we rely so much on the social networks we exist within.

    I am hoping for a work schedule change in 2015 that will give me more predictable working hours, making it easier for me to focus on my family and friends. It has been tentatively offered… and I will take it if I can!

    Good luck house-hunting in London. It sounds so glamorous and exciting–despite the difficulty! I hope it works out well for you so I can fantasize about coming by for tea someday. 😀

    • I really hope the work schedule change works out for you, Jeannie! Thanks for the good luck wishes. I shall endeavor to get a quintessential British place for when you drop by for tea.

  2. So glad to hear you are adapting well and taking charge of your dreams. (Don’t the 30s rock?) I’ve no doubt that by the end of next year you’ll be in an even better place (literally & figuratively). Keep up the good work and enjoy the ride! We’re all rooting for you.

  3. burbgirl did a good job of Saying It All. Best of Luck along with the help of friends and acquaintances as you find them, where you find them. Choosing to seize an opportunity when it shows itself is all-important, as you well know, and have lived.

    Admiration abounds.

    In Peace,

    Irene – in Edinburgh for a week. Ahhhhhhh

  4. Love your attitude about living your dream! I am a friend of Nan Shorey who also has the travel bug as you well know! Best wishes for successful househunting and new free lance jobs. I love your blog and think you are not only anexcellent person but a great photographer.


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