The Shooting in Tucson

I don’t currently have anything to add to the national discussion about the shooting in Tucson this past weekend, but in case you are looking for a roundup of thoughtful, passionate, heartbroken pieces on the subject, I’ve rounded some up here. Feel free to leave other links in comments.

Shark-fu on continuing our work even in times of tragedy (with a great RFK quote)

Maya at Feministing on how we shouldn’t have to even wonder if high-profile politicians and media pundits influenced a man enough to mow down strangers with a semiautomatic weapon

Jill Filipovic on not using “he’s crazy” as an explanation for Jared Lee Loughner’s actions and again here on not curbing free speech even as we tone down rhetoric

Melissa McEwan with a thorough catalog of the violent, eliminationist rhetoric employed by the right

Latoya Peterson on calling this a terrorist act

Bob Herbert on the unlikely possibility that this tragedy will prompt real gun law reform

Melissa Harris-Perry on why we should still run for elected office

Much love to those in Arizona, especially the friends and family of those killed.