Autumn in Morden Hall Park

Morden Hall Park is a good patch of green in what is still very much the city, despite being all the way at the end of the Northern line in south London. Part of the grounds contain the remains of a snuff mill, which the National Trust takes care of, and the eponymous great house is also within the grounds, although not accessible to the public according to signage. They’ve also built up an impressive little wetland area in the western part of the park, bringing in a more diverse array of flora and fauna. A few weekends ago, all I wanted to do was admire the changing colors of the trees under the blue of an autumn sky, and it turned out Morden Hall Park was the perfect place to do just that.

morden hall park london england

Morden Hall Park

Enjoy a slideshow of the park:

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morden hall park london england

If you find yourself in south London, stop by for a walk in this lovely park!

Autumn in Michigan

Here are some photos I’ve taken on my near-daily walks around the neighborhood. No change to color saturation changes in these photos because there’s no need, although they’re not always the best quality because I took them on my phone–sorry! Mid-Michigan trees and clouds looking good: