Taking and Making: January 20

Today, I took in:

Tillie Olsen’s “I Stand Her Ironing,” James Baldwin’s “Sonny’s Blues,” and Philip Roth’s “The Conversion of the Jews” in 100 Best American Short Stories

an episode of Lovesick


I made:

a start on possessives in Spanish on Duolingo

a lovely afternoon with friends at Winter Readalouds — I invite people ’round every few months and we read poems and stories to each other, and sometimes play music for one another on the theme of the season we’re in, and we have snacks and tea or wine; it’s nerdy, relaxed, and the closest I’m going to get to running a Parisian salon


Taking and Making: January 15

Today, I took in:

I Am Not Your Negro — as powerful as I’d heard it would be, not that anything James Baldwin ever said or wrote was less than incisive, witty, difficult, and true (if you’re looking for something to watch on MLK Day, I recommend this movie)

a playlist I made of wintry songs


I made:

beautiful music with my community choir

a little more progress on learning Spanish on Duolingo

Taking and Making: January 14

Today, I took in:

James Fallows’ “Have They No Sense of Decency?” in The Atlantic

Mark Oppenheimer’s “How to Turn a Red State Purple (Democrats Not Required)” in Politico

an embarrassing number of Castle episodes while I worked on some admin tasks


I made: 

a short blog post for tomorrow

a little more work on Spanish with Duolingo