Taking and Making: September 23

Today, I took in:

the first 30 minutes of A Few Less Men, which was too boring to finish

an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia


I made:

some small but useful revelations about how I approach some things in my life, after talking it over with my friend

2 thoughts on “Taking and Making: September 23

  1. Hey Lisa!

    I have been enjoying your make-and-takes this year – thanks!

    I’m curious if you began Outlander. I forgot to tell you to give yourself 100 pages before giving up, because at first it is just a reuniting of two people married before the outbreak of WW II. Ho-hum. But then – it takes off! What you might be _very_ interested in is Diana’s story of how she came to write and publish that first book. Fascinating.

    Anyway, thanks for encouraging me, with your example, to be mindful of every day, and check in with myself if that is how I want it to go. 🙃

    It was such fun to have you here – I hope that the rest of your time with friends and exploring new territory was a delight.


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    • It is in my handbag as the next book on the list! Thanks for the heads-up about giving it a chance. You told me some about how she came to write that book, and it’s so cool.

      I hope that your check-ins with yourself are leading to rich experiences and necessary relaxation time!

      I had a wonderful time visiting you and other friends. Whenever you next visit your beloved Scotland, let me know, and we’ll figure out a way to meet up!


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