Taking and Making: July 31

Today, I took in:

the rest of “My President Was Black” and “The First White President” in Ta-Nehisi Coates’s We Were Eight Years in Power

Home Again — tried to cram too many things in and went for too many easy beats

Love & Friendship — the Whit Stillman adaptation of Austen’s “Lady Susan”; it’s one of the best Austen adaptations, Kate Beckinsale wonderful in it and every scene lined with biting wit


I made:

a catch-up on these posts



Taking and Making: July 30

Today, I took in:

the beginning of “My President Was Black” in Ta-Nehisi Coates’s We Were Eight Years in Power

Poirot: Appointment with Death


I made:

a real effort in my back physio class

a fool of myself doing one of the rap parts in Hamilton at choir — but that’s all right, it’s a very understanding group of people