Too Old for Hostels

Matador has a great post up about how you know you’re too old to stay at hostels. Just about every one of those applies to me, except I don’t think about telling people to shut the hell up after 1:30am, I actually say that to them.

Most cities have non-party hostels, so those are the ones I usually stay at, thus bypassing many of the problems mentioned in the Matador post (party boats, etc.). And in Southeast Asia, a private hotel room with attached bathroom was so cheap, I usually went with those.

But some of the things they mention–rolling your eyes any time someone talks about “just living,” stereotyping Australians–well, those apply anywhere.

1 thought on “Too Old for Hostels

  1. Oh, Lisa! Did THAT have me laughing out loud!

    I must admit to requesting a bottom bunk, but Luxury is not having ANY bed over me these days! I am experiencing “sticker shock” at the price of hostels in Switzerland in general, and everywhere else now that it is The Season. I realized that I had been travelling the other times during the “cheaper” season. Yikes! CF43 (Swiss francs) (=~$47!!!) for a bed in a 20-bed room? This will be a first for me! On Saturday, in Bern – extra 6 francs for not being an AYHA member. Right. It’s just for one night – couldn’t get anything for Saturday in Interlaken. You know this drill, right?!

    Then there was the hostel that wouldn’t take anyone over 35. Not only did that leave me out (!!!) but it warned me that I wouldn’t want to be there anyway!

    Yeah – I hate spending too much money just for a place to sleep, but it beats the park bench in most cities.

    Thanks for this laugh, since I’m on the road again on Saturday, after plant-sitting in Zurich for a week. Lovely. But I didn’t talk to anyone for three days, and finally went out yesterday for groceries so said four phrases to the cashier! It’s about the people, eh? Phoned my sister tonight using Skype for the first time so I could talk to someone I know!

    Still laughing…


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