The East Coast Itinerary

I haven’t made it too easy for those of you following along at home to know where I am any given week, oops. Here are some plans: For the next three weeks I’ll be traveling down the eastern coast of Australia by bus. It’s pretty tightly packed, and all the activities are outdoors, so cross your fingers I get better weather than the rain that’s been following me around since Alice Springs.

October 8-9: Magnetic Island
October 10-13: Airlie Beach and Whitsundays
October 14-15: Rainbow Beach
October 16-18: Fraser Island
October 19: Noosa
October 20-24: Byron Bay
October 25-31: Melbourne

Plans include sailing, sleeping on a boat, driving a 4WD on a sand dune, snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming, and generally frolicking on the Sunshine Coast. Exciting stuff!

Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world


4 thoughts on “The East Coast Itinerary

  1. My show is finally open so I’ll do a better job of reading as you go, but so far it all looks amazing and grand (in many senses of the word). I hope you’re journaling along the way so even if you can’t blog it, you’ll still have an account.

  2. I am a traveler in the metaphysical sense as we all are. This is a good opportunity to tell you how much I admire your pluck. Traveling round the world. What a fantastic voyage. Stay safe (I think). Definitely return to us at All Saints.

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