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Last year, I synthesized four books on the health care systems of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales into one book on the health care system of the United Kingdom, for a series put out by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, part of the World Health Organization. I’m by no means an expert on the health care system of any country–real experts did a lot of work on the manuscript I put together, to ensure it was accurate and comprehensive. But I put together the basic body of the work, and it took a lot of time and effort, and I’m very proud of the result. This series is put together mainly to help policy-makers in different countries see how health care policies work in other countries, so they can decide what policies to incorporate into their own countries. So you’re not going to find this in Barnes & Noble, but you can check it out on the website if you want to see my name on there as a contributor. I also got a hard copy in the post last week–look!

WHO book cover

Pretty cool

12 thoughts on “Name in Print

  1. WOW, what an accomplishment.  You must be so proud.  Have you ever contacted travel magazines or websites for employment.  You write so well and love to travel.  I think it would be a natural!!!!  XOXOXOXO, Dana and Ted Calhoon (Anne Findley’s parents)

    • Thanks, Dana! Yes, I’ve thought about writing for travel magazines/websites; it might be something I push myself to do more on this year.

      Hope you’re well! Thinking of you two fondly.

  2. OMG, Lisa! I just saw this post (my fault, not yours or the computer’s!) and – how absolutely exciting and wonderful! Hard, tedious work in book form. Congrats!!!

    X O

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