A Far-Too-Brief Visit to Reykjavik

My visit to Iceland in February was too short to do it real justice, although the two tours I went on were excellent introductions to the natural wonders of this small island. So I didn’t see as much of Reykjavik as I would’ve liked. But I did see a lot of street art, some colorful boats, and a singular kind of church.

iceland reykjavik

Look at these amazing hedgehog mittens my friends loaned me

iceland reykjavik

Rekyjavik from the air

iceland reykjavik

Ooh right out there on the western part of the spit, by the university, that’s where I stayed

6 thoughts on “A Far-Too-Brief Visit to Reykjavik

  1. I particularly enjoyed the ones you took from the air – thanks! It looks as if you’ll be planning another visit….

    • I was so lucky with those–I got photos all across the island as we flew back to London, and then some photos of the cities and towns of Scotland and England by night.

  2. Thank you so much, Lisa, for taking us with you to Reykjavik. I love the aerial shot showing the spit of land that the city’s on and where you stayed – the colours and shapes make a lovely photo. Tempting to make a pair of hedgehog mittens – what fun!

    I appreciate letting us share your travels – thanks!

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