6 thoughts on “Where in the World Wednesday

    • Ooh I don’t know if you can find it in Chicago! If you take a day trip up to the Indiana Dunes or New Buffalo, I bet you could find it there. Pot holes are obviously not only a problem for Michigan, but I guess they’re enough of a plague that someone made an ice cream out of it.

  1. How very funny, Lisa!

    I was driving in Michigan for six months (waiting for the final dismissal from the new right knee) and it was absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing – the state of the roads – Michigan Avenue leading to the state capital, for gosh’ sake – was appalling – dangerous since there was often no place to swerve to to avoid the really deep and big holes. Glad they could make a fanciful ice cream out of it all!

    I took a photo of ice cream labelled “Exhausted Parent – TM” : bourbon-spiked espresso ice cream swirled with bittersweet chocolate chunks. It was really tasty! Good chocolate (That’s not always the case!) and multi-layered flavour reveals – fun and yummy both! (As opposed to Superman, which I love the look of and don’t want to eat!)

    So were you in Michigan in August or was this a photo from a friend?

    X O Irene – on the road again…

    • Ha, I hope they put the Exhausted Parent right next to the Superman, because as soon as the kid eats Superman, you’re going to be exhausted!

      Yes, I was in Michigan briefly, and also I went to Chicago for a wedding. It was great but too short, and I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to–yourself included. Hopefully next summer? Or better yet, now that you’re traveling again, see you out hereabouts?

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