A New Tradition I Wholeheartedly Endorse

In the last month, I’ve met up with friends traveling through London–Leila, one of my keep-moving-or-die kindred spirits, and Karl, who was touring with his band from Iceland, Arstidir. They both surprised me with chocolate from places they’ve visited. This is a new tradition I wholeheartedly endorse. Come visit me in London and bring me your local chocolates as offerings. I am a benevolent queen and shall accept them with grace.


Estonian milk chocolate on top, Icelandic milk chocolate with hazelnuts on bottom.

They were delicious.

7 thoughts on “A New Tradition I Wholeheartedly Endorse

  1. An excellent new tradition! I’ll do my best when I ever get over there again. Fabiano’s truffles? At least now I have a real knee joint that is working well, and will be ready for walking the Scottish hills.

    Is that Karl P. of E.L., as in violinist extraordinaire? Super!

    How wonderful to have people visit you – makes you feel as though you belong, eh?!

    Happy Spring, Lisa!

    Irene, stuck in MI for surgeries, but travelling to Gettysburg (sister) between the three-week and six-week check-ups. Such a good doctor! 😎

    • Mm, Fabiano’s, yes please! It was indeed Karl. Were he and Ben in the same year?

      It certainly is different to have someone visit and stay at my home rather than meet up and we both stay in a hostel somewhere. I like it.

      Good luck with the surgeries. You seem to be well on the healing path–keep it up!

  2. You’ve GOT to be KIDDING me? You know someone from Arstidir?!?!??!I saw their a cappella Icelandic hymn a year ago and it made a huge impression. I was just thinking about it the other day and how I should watch it again.

    (BTW, if you haven’t yet read the Australian book ‘Burial Rites’, set in Iceland, I recommend it. I know, I know, we have different viewpoints on what makes a good book, but everyone in my book club liked it.)

    Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! Still can’t believe it.

    • Tiny, tiny world. Yes, I went to high school with Karl! If the band ever visit Australia, I’ll tell him to get in touch with the friendliest Melburnian around.

      Oh, and they sang a verse of the Icelandic hymn as an intro to their encore. Lovely.

      And ha, we do seem to come at books from opposite angles, but I’m definitely willing to give it a try. Adding it to the Goodreads…

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