Slovenia by the Numbers

Lakes circumnavigated on foot: 1

Lakes jumped in mid-circumnavigation: 1

National poets side-eyed for their choice of muse: 1

Fancy breed horses that rebuffed my attempts to pet them: 4

Entertaining guided tours taken: 2

Picturesque castles viewed from a distance: 5

EU-wide award-winning ice creams tasted: 2

Attempts made to take this one special elevator to a club in Ljubljana, only to have the elevator stop a floor below the right one every time: 5

Mini-waterfalls admired: 2

Total days spent in Slovenia: 6

Total money spent: $361

Average per day: $60

Times I said, “Seriously, so beautiful” out loud: It basically became my catchphrase

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia

5 thoughts on “Slovenia by the Numbers

  1. Hello Lisa,

    What a breathtaking photo of the castle? chateau? house? on the island with the mountains behind. If you are only going to show us one photo, that one will do just fine!

    I was just invited today, by a couple here at the hostel in Paris, to visit them in Slovenia. I am tempted to take them up on it, since the last time I was in their territory it was Yugoslavia! (’67!) I explained to them that travelling alone in countries with which I am not very familiar is daunting to me, without a useful language in those countries. After all, I have to be SOMEwhere!

    Sounds as though you had a good time, but the elevator stopping 5 times below where you wanted to be is somewhat mysterious. Hmmmm…

    In Peace,


  2. Ahhhhh! I wish I’d had the chance to go to Lake Bled when I was there. Incidentally, we have Esther to ultimately thank for our enjoyment of Slovenia — she’s the one who recommended it to me.

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