Snapshots of Edinburgh

I’m having a wonderful time at the Free Fringe Fest in Edinburgh, and soon enough I’ll have time to tell you about it and catch up on other adventures (this week, a post on Dubrovnik–for all those who thought is abandoned documenting last summer, it’s not so!). But for now, here are a few blurry iPhone shots of this windswept city.








3 thoughts on “Snapshots of Edinburgh

  1. Edinburgh is somewhere we have been briefly and too forward to a return. When we were there, the highth of summer, we could not stay up late enough to see the Castle after dark. We were there however for one of the many tattoos. Your pix are great. Inspires us to move Scotland up on our bucket list. Thanks for sharing!!! Dana and Ted Calhoon

  2. What fun to see photos of “our” city! FYI – the ticket booth on Market Street (?) (around the corner from the Waverly train station) has tickets sometimes – people sell them back to them. Also, up at the castle there is at least one man selling tickets outside the gate facing the Royal Mile, and not scalping. Windy? You from Chicago?! Yeah – it really has been this week. And cold. And rainy, but not all of the time. Still love it here!

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