Foods of Ecuador, Part 2

Way back when I was still in Ecuador, I posted photos of some of the delicious foods I had while there. Here are some more. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten most of the names of these, so join in if you recognize a dish.


That big ol’ ball of mush was surprisingly tasty


Quinoa-based soup


Spinach soup and large corn kernels


Delicious meat and potato on a stick


The four items included in every daily lunch menu in Ecuador: juice, soup, main plate, and dessert


A fancy deli selection of meat, veg, and queso fresco


Chocolate caliente with sweet cakes; there’s also a chocolate caliente con queso, and you can eat the cheese separately or dip it in the drink


Soup is very popular in the Andes

Freshwater fish in Mindo

Freshwater fish in Mindo

Fancy llapingachos

Fancy llapingachos

Guatita, beef tripe in a peanut sauce--a popular dish in Guayaquil

Guatita, beef tripe in a peanut sauce–a popular dish in Guayaquil

2 thoughts on “Foods of Ecuador, Part 2

  1. Should I be embarrassed to ask if Ecuadorians eat matzah ball soup? That’s what the “big pile of mush” in the first photo you posted looks like to me.
    Mmmm, Ecuador looks delicious!

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