The Next Few Months

Hello, dearest fellow travelers. Some of you have asked for an update on where I’m headed next and what my longer-term plans are. I’m excited about what’s next: On Sunday, I fly back to the States for a couple weeks, to visit with family and friends. Then in mid-July, I fly to London. I’ll visit with family and friends in England, and my cousin and I will take a trip somewhere in western Europe together. I hope to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Fest, and maybe see some parts of the UK I haven’t before. If you’re in the UK and want to meet up, let me know!

I think I can stretch my money til the end of the summer. After that, well, that is a good question. I need to get a job somewhere. I have an EU passport, so I could work anywhere in the EU, or I could return to the States. Both of those sound appealing to me, so I might cast a very wide search and see what happens. If you know of any freelance editorial work, even just proofreading a resume or something, or if you hear of any leads on long-term office work, please let me know at lisa dot findley [at] gmail dot com. Steady work after two years will be the next adventure!

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