Helpful Advice When Someone You Know Is Robbed

Things Not to Say to Someone Who Has Just Been the Victim of a Nonviolent Robbery (all true things I heard within hours of having my purse snatched in Peru)

“You really have to be careful with your things.”

“So you were just sitting there writing? He didn’t hold a knife to you or anything? How did you not notice?”

“You know the police aren’t going to do anything, right?”

“They’re only material items.”

“Oh, you’ll be upset for a couple days, but after that you’ll feel so free and unburdened by the things of this world.”
Note that it is particularly vile to pontificate thusly while holding an iPhone 5.


The One Truly Helpful Thing to Say to Someone Who Has Just Been the Victim of a Nonviolent Robbery

“That’s terrible. I’m so sorry! Can I buy you a drink?”

9 thoughts on “Helpful Advice When Someone You Know Is Robbed

  1. Tell me about it! When my passport was stolen some of the stupid thing people said to me… People always think it will never happen to them but truth is no matter how careful you are it can still happen. Sorry about your bag, that sux 😦

    • I definitely thought it would never happen to me. I even said out loud that if I were to get robbed, it would be a violent robbery, because I would never be so stupid as to leave myself open to it! Famous last words…

      Glad you got your passport issue sorted okay.

    • Thanks, Irene! I had a very careless moment of leaving my bag beside me on a park bench here in Cusco, without the strap wrapped around my wrist or anything. It’s a bummer, but I’m doing okay.

  2. I agree with all the above. So, so sorry!!!! Dana and Ted Calhoon. We were at The Findleys when it happened. We commiserated together.

  3. I’m so sorry that happened to you babe! What a bummer. I hope nothing *too* crucial was taken. If it makes you feel better…. I’ve lost my phone and my license (separately) both within the last 3 months.

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