Political Graffiti in Cuenca

"If god exists, he lunches at the table of ??"

“If god exists, he lunches at the table of the boss” (could be referring to President Correa)


“Extinction is near, but you can fly”


“Weed cures cancer” (demonstrably untrue, but carry on)


“Smoke one…I already smoked one… Smoke another!”


“We can live without gold, but not without water” and “Live free”

Anarchy symbol on the main church door

Anarchy symbol on the main church door


“Punk isn’t dead, it’s partying”

"Unity for the revolution and socialism"

“Unity for the revolution and socialism”

graffiti cuenca


“Uncover the memory” (I don’t know what that means, or what the toilet plunger signifies)


“I already voted, now how do I free myself?”

"Grow, believe, create..."

“Grow, believe, create yourself…it’s not metaphorical, it’s literal”

"Without poetry, there is no city"

“Without poetry, there is no city”

11 thoughts on “Political Graffiti in Cuenca

  1. Very interesting, very powerful.  Thanks for sharing!!!  Hugs and kisses, Dana and Ted Calhoon


  2. How interesting, Lisa, that this “urban wall art” is in Ecuador (and more of South America?) – it is also all over the western European countries. I was on a walking tour In both Lisbon and Paris which had us spotting such art. Great fun!

    Thanks, as always, for including us in your marvelous travels and experiences!

    In Peace,


    • Yes, I do think that wherever there are politically engaged college students, there is a lot of street art expressing those views. So what does that say about the lack of such stuff in EL…

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