I’m on Internet Radio!

My friend Dave has a podcast called Getting Better Acquainted, and last July I sat in London’s Hyde Park and talked with him about the first part of my trip around the world for the show. He’s posted it today, and I’m so pleased with it. It was fun to do at the time, but of course you’re never sure how it’s going to sound after the fact. Other than the weirdness of hearing my recorded voice, and the extra “like”s and “uhh”s, I think it stands up well! Please check it out.

We talked about the tourist/traveler distinction, and what it’s like to go somewhere totally new, and what it’s like to travel alone. We talked about some of my favorite and less favorite places, and a little about that time I got hit by a car. I finish with some inspirational words for women who want to travel alone (do it!).

An hour’s a long time, and the first three or so minutes of the podcast are plugs for London-based shows and programs (do listen closely there if you’re in London), but take a listen and let me know what you think! Many thanks to Dave for having me on his show, and to Liz for suggesting it.

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