Christmas Tree Hunting

This weekend, I went Christmas tree hunting. Our family friend Diane used to come with us back when the twins and I were kids, and this year my parents and I joined her and her two kids, so we’ve come full circle. It turned out to be a warm day (by which I mean like 42 degrees, fully 10 degrees above freezing), so we were all walking around in coats and scarves and gloves, but no hats. That’s a December heat wave, I tell you what.

Anyway, I could describe the whole tree finding experience, or I could use this as an excuse to re-post my 2011 video about it. Imagine this, minus the snow, plus two adorable kids–including a 7-year-old girl waving a spare tree branch through the air like a superhero’s shield–and you’ve pretty much got my Saturday afternoon.

Also, I must include this photo of the siblings walking into sunlight together, because I almost said “aww” out loud when I took it.



4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Hunting

  1. Hello Lisa!

    Catching up on unread e-mails and posts and came across this one – what a delightful video and current story to match! Where is Peacock Road Tree Farm? I used to live on Peacock Road, and love it out in that area – perfect for riding one’s horse on the dirt roads to and from friends’ houses.

    Also love the star at your house – brilliant, and yes, both meanings intended.

    Thank you so much for your continued windows on your world – fascinating – you are such a brave traveller!

    Happy Holidays – All of Them!

    In Peace,


    • I’m not actually sure where it is, I just know we drive down a long dirt road, with a little pond on the right, and eventually the farm is on the left.

      Keep us updated on your travels as well, Irene! Will you be in Michigan for Christmas or elsewhere?

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