Last Minute Halloween Costumes 2013

Halloween is here! Well, it’s in just under a week, but since it falls on a Thursday, a lot of parties are happening this weekend. Maybe you’ve been enjoying the lovely fall weather too much to plan a costume, and the sudden cold snap has now focused your attention on the annual question: What should I be for Halloween?

Here are some costumes you can put together last minute, for little to no money:

Troy and Abed

Sing it: Troy and Abed Hall-o-wee-een!

Troy and Abed are probably the best thing about Community (along with the Dean’s costumes and any time Britta does drugs). They’re such good friends that not even a massive pillow war can separate them. Grab your best friend and put together this costume. You can go as Inspector Spacetime and Constable Reggie: white robe, bowler hat, red scarf for one and a blue sweater (sew some buttons or even just tape on some paper you cut out) and white gloves for the other. Or you can go even more low-key and wear your normal jeans and t-shirts, so long as you keep up the repartee. Use the handshake a lot, conduct fake talk show interviews, make pop culture references that only half the people at the party get. Bonus points if you get the whole party to build a pillow and blanket fort. Extra bonus points if you bring costume changes and get up to hijinks. Coolcoolcool.

Katy Perry


Katy Perry, much like Lady Gaga, is a godsend for Halloween costumes, because she’s always wearing some wacky get-up. I recommend busting out your Tarzan costume from last year, teasing out your hair, and strapping on your highest heels. Use whatever liquor bottle’s handy as your microphone and belt out “Roar.” If you don’t have a Tarzan costume from last year, wear a swimsuit/tight skirt combo and drape animal print fabric over yourself (easily found for pretty cheap at a crafts store). Have a disarmingly good sense of humor about yourself and don’t be afraid to use anything nearby as a prop. Bonus points if your friends dress up in furry animal costumes and follow you around as your band.

Insufferable Resort Tourist

You’re in my sun

Maybe you’ve been busy lately, and you’re worn out. Make your Halloween party a mini-break and go as an insufferable resort tourist. Don a swimsuit, sarong, sunglasses, floppy hat, and sandals. Carry a drink with an umbrella in it and ask people if they got the full drinks package too. Spread a beach towel out on the couch and lie down on it. When people stand near you, flutter your fingers and say they’re in your sun. As they start to walk away, stop them and request a refill on your snacks. Obviously, you can’t do this the whole night if you want anyone to like you, so take it as far as you’re comfortable. Bonus points if you bring sand in the towel and when your host watches in horror as it gets in the crevices of the couch, you trill, “That’s the wonderful thing about these resorts. I don’t have to worry about the mess I make because the maids take care of everything!”

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