Mid-Michigan Humor

My friends and I didn’t drink in high school, but we found plenty of other ways to amuse ourselves. If we could annoy some adults while we were at it, all the better. So for a little while we liked playing Liberation Lettuce, named after a head of iceberg lettuce we found in the socks section of our local superstore one day. We decided someone had liberated that lettuce from captivity in the produce section, and we wanted to free other grocery store items too. Move socks next to the cheese. Shift some Sharpies over to the contact lens section. It was silly, and hopefully we never moved enough stuff to make the employees’ jobs harder. But a couple weeks ago, I saw an inspired example of Liberation Lettuce, which brought the game to new heights. Whoever you are, chocolate sauce aficionado, I salute you.

And it's on sale!

And it’s on sale!


3 thoughts on “Mid-Michigan Humor

  1. You know, I always called that game “Liberate the Lettuce.” I wonder if everyone else was calling it “Liberation Lettuce” too.

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