Pure Michigan: Still the Best

A few years ago, the tourism board of Michigan changed its slogan from “Say Yes to Michigan!” (the exclamation point was crucial) to “Pure Michigan.” Yes! was hokey, but Pure is way too much in the other direction. You could put together a medley of Pottery Barn, Lexus, Ann Taylor, and Pure Michigan commercials and not be sure which was which (except that to my knowledge, Tim Allen only narrates one of those). Still, it seems to be a successful campaign, and I’m all for boosting the economy of my beloved home state. Also, it ain’t a lie: this place is beautiful.

View from Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive, post 9.

I spent this past weekend up north, in the small town I remember so well from summer vacations with my family. This time, I was up there for a friend’s wedding. My closest friends came in from around the country (and a couple of us crossed international waters) to witness the wedding of two of the best people we know. Despite all predictions to the contrary, the weather was lovely, and everything about the ceremony and reception was heartfelt and beautiful.

With the bride and groom

With the bride and groom

We spent some time on the beach, and we went up to the bluffs to take in the view of Lake Michigan shimmering into the horizon. I have been around the world and seen a lot of amazing views, but I can tell you this is still in the top five. It’s good to be here.

Sunset on Lake Michigan

Sunset on Lake Michigan

Image 1.

3 thoughts on “Pure Michigan: Still the Best

  1. So now, back in the states, I finally, firmly, disagree with you about something. I was pretty sure it wasn’t ever going to happen. But to say that the Pure Michigan commericals don’t stand out (or, aren’t head and shoulders above) those other ads makes me want to sit you down and watch a few of them with you. I know they don’t play the PM ads in Michigan so it’s tough to find Michiganders who know about them. But you’ve lived in Chicagoland for the last 5 years. In doing research for this comment I heard so many evocative PM ads extolling the virtues of snow days, golfing with friends, wonderful scenery and other things that tug on my emotions. I think they’re unique, and I’m astonished that anyone would put (where are the keys for exasperation?) freaking Pottery Barn commercials in the same sentence. In fact, having to read that sentence about Pottery Barn and Lexus I’m SURE violates my constitutional rights. Probably one of the amendments . . . . unreasonable logic and/or unalienable rights . . . . . it’s here somewhere . . . . . how many amendments we got? . . . . . . hang on, I’ll get back to you . . . . . .

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