David Bowie is…: Happy Belated Birthday to Me

Hey, remember when I did this?

Ziggy Stardust, sans Spiders

Ziggy Stardust, sans Spiders

And this?

Jareth, Goblin King, from "Labyrinth"

Jareth, Goblin King, from “Labyrinth” — tempting Sarah to join my world

I’m a big David Bowie fan, so when my mom saw that the Victoria & Albert Museum in London was having a special exhibit approved by the man himself, she knew she’d found my birthday present. It was such an anticipated exhibit that when I looked for tickets in March, all of April, May, and June had sold out. I actually changed some of my plans just so I could be in London for today, July 11, to see this exhibit.

I don’t know all his music well (the Berlin period is one I really want to dive into more), and I don’t like everything he’s done (let’s not ever speak of the “Dancing in the Streets” video), but I find Bowie fascinating. He’s always trying something new, in a combination of original and appropriated ideas that no other musical artist has perfected quite as well, and he makes some damn fine tunes.

I wish you all a Bowie-filled day, whether that means “Suffragette City” or “Heroes” or “Queen Bitch” or “Golden Years” or “Ashes to Ashes” or “The Next Day.” Now I’m off to see how a Gucci-sponsored exhibit called “David Bowie is…” presents the man and the music.

6 thoughts on “David Bowie is…: Happy Belated Birthday to Me

  1. Always have loved Bowie’s music (despite disasters like, “Tin Machine”. The exhibit sounds thorough and well done. Enjoy! And see you Saturday!!

  2. Hooray, LIsa!

    And Dad, I’m TOTALLY jealous — you guys get to see each other Saturday!?!?!?! Let’s FaceTime pleeeeeeeease!

  3. yes, happy birthday to you (again) today! I’ve been thinking about you and Bowie – and will play Ziggy in the car on the way to work in your honor (or should I say ‘honour’?!) Looking forward to hearing all about the exhibit on Saturday. Safe travels tomorrow.

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