Thailand by the Numbers

Attempts to say ‘thank you’ in Thai before I got remotely close: 23

Attempts to bargain at night markets: 8

Successful attempts to bargain at night markets: 5

Elephants hand-fed: 10

Baby monkeys cooed at: 1

Fruit shakes consumed: at least 30

Laundry I washed myself during my six weeks in the country: 0

Meals I cooked myself during my six weeks in the country: 2

Oceans fearlessly kayaked in: 1

New fruits tasted: 5

New favorite fruits: 5

Meals that introduced a whole new meaning to the word ‘spicy’: 3

Total days spent in Thailand: 44

Total money spent: $2,947

Average per day: $67

Total money spent, not including airfare: $2,802

Average daily cost, not including airfare: $64 (yes, that is much more than many backpackers spend while there, but I got a lot of gifts and some comfortable private rooms, not to mention a week with the elephants, on that budget)

Pools, rivers, and oceans swum in: 3

Wats (temples) visited: countless

Times I tired of admiring the symmetry and detail of a Thai wat: never

Wat Po

Wat Po in Bangkok

3 thoughts on “Thailand by the Numbers

  1. I love these summaries! So interesting to go back and look at previous country summaries by comparison. And as a recipient of one of the gifts that impacted your daily expenditure, I’d like to say “money well spent, thank you!”

  2. Dear Lisa,
    I have been following your travels courtesy of Nan Shorey, a good friend. We traveled together to India last year. I was also able to visit with her when she lived in Portugal, Ecuador (with my whole family), and Argentina. It is a privilege to be a vicarious traveler with you!

    You write beautifully and have brought the places you have been to and the things you have seen and done alive for me. What a privilege it is to be a vicarious traveler through your eyes!
    Thanks so much,

    • Thanks for commenting, Maureen. I’m so glad that Stowaway resonates with you. Sounds like you have a lot of your own stories to tell as well! I don’t foresee stopping the blog any time soon, so enjoy!

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