Sick Note

Dearest fellow travelers,

Please excuse Lisa from a real blog post today, as she picked up a cold in Japan that has evolved into a proper chest cough, and also she is in the cold, damp land of the UK, and frankly only has enough energy to focus on sightseeing and not on documenting. Don’t worry, she’s safe in the care of her good friend Liz, who is exploring Wales with her before handing her off to her parents tomorrow. She and Liz are managing to have lots of fun despite the impediment of illness.

Here she is in Cardiff, showing off her drugs:

That's my 'oh yay, new drugs' face

That’s my ‘oh yay, new drugs’ face

She expects to be back on the job soon, and thanks you for your understanding.

Lisa’s Sore Throat

3 thoughts on “Sick Note

  1. Oh, Mann, being sick on-the-road is such a drag – so sorry. Please thank your sore throat for the explanation, and feel better soon! When I was in the UK with similar problems, I found that hot water with a lot of freshly-squeezed lemon and yummy honey was soothing, cheap, and drug-free!

    It will be fun for you to see your folks – does this mean the end of your travels, or just a visit when you are fairly “close to home”?!

    Enjoy as best you can!

    Irene (in EL – returning to Yerp mid-September – Can’t wait!)

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