3 thoughts on “Where in the World Wednesday

  1. Yikes, Lisa!
    I assume that those are alligators hanging there, but why? What do people want with them? and the orange one? natural? or dyed to match an outfit? Are they made into bags, or just slit open and gutted and cured in some way? Was the meat eaten? (The way we do cows – using the insides and outsides.) How intriguing! And what a life you are having! Carry on!

    …and – Thanks!


    • Yep, those are crocodile skins, hanging in a shop selling all sorts of crocodile skin products (like bags, belts, shoes, etc.). I met some people who ate crocodile meat in a restaurant in town. Crocodile farms are apparently a growing business in Cambodia!

      • Crocodile FARMS – I guess that’s better than killing all of the ones in the wild and then… what? One thing that I truly love about travelling is the very different cultural “norms” that are so far away from our original cultural experiences. We are so much the same, with such extreme differences! It’s such fun being alive, eh?!

        Keep on being awed – it’s fun for us, your readers, also!


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