Celebrating 500 Posts on Stowaway!

Welcome to the 500th post on Stowaway! I’ve been writing this blog for 3.5 years, and in that time it’s gone through one name change, 1508 comments, and, almost unbelievably, 500 posts.

catlins waterfall supremely happyI started Stowaway as a way to get back into writing, which is something I’d enjoyed doing in college but neglected in the years since. I also wanted to record my plans for this big RTW trip, partly as a way to encourage myself to actually go on the trip. I wanted to try my hand at travel writing, but not limit myself to that. Five hundred posts later, I’m writing on an almost daily basis, and I’m on my RTW trip, so I’d say I’m doing well on those fronts.

me and Sydney Opera HouseI’d enjoy writing Stowaway even if I were the only one reading it, but it’s even more fun knowing that other people like reading it too. I like the challenge of making my travel updates entertaining and the photos nice to look at. I have a small audience made up mostly of people I know personally, and in some ways that makes it easier to write, to guess who might like what joke or who might appreciate which detail.

Joy on Fox Glacier, New ZealandBut I’m still refining my style; as every writer has ever said, I want to write the kind of thing I like to read. For travel writing, I like a chatty but not chummy tone, thoughtful reflections on the implications of why and how we travel, and a few wry asides. I don’t know that I’ve ever spelled it out before, but there it is: that’s what I’m going for with Stowaway, but whatever actually turns up on the blog every Monday through Friday, I hope it resonates with you.


I don’t know what Stowaway will become once I return to the States. I might try harder to write pieces that can be published on other sites. I might put the blog to the side for awhile and focus on getting a job. I might take another year just to get the posts caught up to where I am in real time (yeesh).

bankok wat phoStowaway has already changed somewhat since I started it, as recurring features came and went, and I made the inevitable switch from planning the trip to doing it. It will naturally change again, and even after 3.5 years and 500 posts, I’m still excited to see how it does. I hope you’ll stay with me as I continue to explore the world with my faithful travel companion–Stowaway.


Where to next?


13 thoughts on “Celebrating 500 Posts on Stowaway!

  1. “I like a chatty but not chummy tone, thoughtful reflections on the implications of why and how we travel, and a few wry asides.” Me too and you deliver big time. Your posts are fun to read, thoughtful and the photos are outstanding. There are times I feel I am right there with you and other times I sigh at how awesome it must be to live your dream (awesome for you…I’m living MY dream;-) ). On to your next adventure.

  2. Absolutely … I’m with you for the long haul! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. (And by the time your trip wraps up, I bet you’ll have something really worth publishing.) Keep up the good work and have fun!

  3. I love it all. I’m having fun selecting some of your great landscape pictures and using them as wallpaper for our computer.

  4. Lisa –
    Congratulations on 500 posts!
    Have read several of your entries after having your Dad boast in the nicest way about your travels and blog. (Isn’t that what folks do? ) He’s great because he provides a platform for story-tellers via the Coffee Jam here in Lansing. So, the tree continues to nurture the apples??? 🙂
    Have you ever thought about putting your stories together in a performance piece? “Adventures of the Stowaway” perhaps? I coordinate a Renegade Theatre Festival here in MI and we’d love to hear about your wanderings… Happy travels and will continue to read!
    – KD

    • Hi Katie,

      Yes, I think the Coffeehouse at All Saints is one of the most welcoming venues in the Lansing area. Glad you like it, too.

      Thanks for the suggestion about a performance piece. I might enjoy that. I’ve heard great things about the Renegade Theatre Fest.

      Thanks for reading!

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