Off into the Wild Blue Yonder

And I’m off!

My sights are set on the horizon, so off I go

All right, dearest fellow travelers, be sure to follow along by setting up an RSS Feed or liking Stowaway on Facebook or just compulsively checking this site.

The main point of this blog is to keep you updated on my travels, so don’t think that just because I’m on the other side of the world I won’t be posting photos, essays, and oddities. Stay in touch!


2 thoughts on “Off into the Wild Blue Yonder

  1. I wonder if deciding to leave on Labor Day had any connection with years of fall signaling new beginnings thanks to the American school schedule … I was thinking of your adventure as I was setting up my classroom yesterday (also, because Ziggy Stardust came on my shuffle).

    I can’t wait for the first update from Hawaii!

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