Affordable Care Act UPHELD

Health care for everyone! I was disappointed Democrats aimed low when they passed the law and essentially gave a whole lotta money to corporations, but it is still worlds better than what we had before. People who are uninsured, poor, young; people with pre-existing conditions; people with uteri… people across the country benefit from the Affordable Care Act, and that is the victory here.

Obama’s chances vs. Romney’s come November is also a big deal, but should not be the main focus in this win for people’s health.

(But ok, for what it’s worth: Republicans will now say “I’ll repeal the law” rather than come up with a new plan, which is easier for them. They’ll say, “See, Obama DID raise taxes!” and that’s not great for Obama either. But Obama’s centerpiece legislation remains, and that’s going to do a lot for his chances, I think.)

Dearest Fellow Travelers, tell me what you're thinking!

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