Book Progress

Sometimes all it takes to do something you’d been meaning to do for awhile is to say out loud that you’re going to do it. I’ve seen my bookshelf for years and thought, “I really need to read everything I own, and not just let them sit there as decoration,” but it wasn’t til I changed the appearance of the shelf that I saw just how many books I own but have never read. I wrote last month that I was going to change that, and whaddya know, it worked.

The Before Picture

Since then, I’ve read four of the novels/short story collections on that shelf, and a Christmas present and borrowed book besides. It feels good! I’m not sure you can see my Goodreads reviews unless you have an account, but here’s a link to my Goodreads list in case you’re interested in what I thought of them.

How’s your 2012 reading list coming along?


2 thoughts on “Book Progress

  1. Awesome, Lisa! I have to read all the books I have borrowed from people so that I can return them and then I have to read all my un-read books!

    I have “Autobiography of a Face” that I need to return to you!!!

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