Quick Blog Note

Do you “like” Stowaway on Facebook? I’ve set up a page on FB so I can remind people to check into the blog, and I’ve also started posting links to interesting travel articles I read on other sites, so that it can become a hub of travel talk in general. (Check out today’s post, for example.) I usually post on the Stowaway wall 2-3 days a week, so you definitely won’t be inundated with FB wall spam. Also, anyone can write on the Stowaway FB wall, so if you find your own interesting link, just post it there, and be sure to use the “Everyone (Most Recent)” view of the wall to see posts made by not me. Click that “like” button today!

You can also sign up to have Stowaway added to your RSS feed, or set it up so that you receive an email each time there’s a new post. You can do that right here on this page (see the “follow this blog” box to the left).

There are a lot of ways to make sure Stowaway is a daily, integral, essential, more-important-than-brushing-your-teeth part of your life, is what I’m saying. And isn’t that all what we’re looking for–a blog to shape our every waking moment?

Have a good weekend, dearest fellow travelers. See you next week!


Dearest Fellow Travelers, tell me what you're thinking!

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