Occupy Movement Graphics

It will surprise few readers of this blog to learn that I support the Occupy Movement (it basically comes down to Corporate Needs aren’t the same as Corporate Greed). If you’re still unsure about the focus of the protests or what people are so mad about, check out this easy-to-read, graph-heavy article that I highly recommend. And here are another couple articles with great, thoughtful responses to people who wonder why Occupy folks can’t just work harder to get a leg up. And here’s an image from the disastrous police response to the Occupy Oakland group last week that shows the scary side of simply showing up to state your discontent with the system as it stands. I encourage you to take a look at http://www.occupytogether.org/ to see what’s going on in your community and how you can get involved. And for a fun way to stick it to the banks and get rid of your junk mail at the same time, check out this video (although I don’t think adding weight to the envelope actually adds to what they pay the USPS).

In the meantime, cartoons! Here are some great images from Facebook about the Occupy Movement. Enjoy!

Oh Monopoly man, your walrus mustache used to be cute, but in this context, well, it's just sinister.

How many people do you think would LOVE to get a job?

Thanksgiving's looking pretty sad for most of the country this year, and how many more years? (Click on the image for 9 more images.)

Okay, I don't agree that the Tea Party is fascist, but I definitely agree that the Occupy Movement is democratic. Celebrate it! Support it!

Image 1 from here. Image 2 from here. Image 3 from here. Image 4 from here.


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