New Centerstage Review Up!

I saw my first Victory Gardens show last week. It’s always a little weird to go from storefront theater companies with hardly any budget to an established company with a board of directors and a solid budget for costumes, set design, and so on. If only every theater group had these resources! It’s a Sarah Ruhl play, so there was lots of lofty discussion and several surreal moments. Lovely. Here’s an excerpt of the review:

Dr. Givings (Mark L. Montgomery) treats women with “hysteria,” that particular female condition caused by various problems with the womb, be it too much moisture, lack of children, or any number of things. What the well-to-do ladies in town do is enter the operating theater, lie back on a table, and allow the good doctor to apply his mechanical device under her skirts on her, er, area.

Read the rest of the review here. Enjoy it this weekend. Have a great one! I’m in Montreal on vacation and will, of course, report back soon.


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