New Year’s Celebrations Check-In

Hello, dearest fellow travelers! How are your New Year’s Celebrations coming along? Eight months of the year have come and gone, so while the magazines are already moving from guilting you for your bathing suit body to guilting you for your imminent holiday gluttony, I propose we go back and review our much more fun lists of activities we knew we’d enjoy in the year 2011. Here’s a recap of the concept:

“[With New Year’s Resolutions,] soon every decision becomes a negotiation, every moment a cost/benefit analysis. It’s mentally exhausting to live in a near-constant state of trade-offs.

“Thus, New Year’s Celebrations are totally free of cause and effect. You don’t go see that iO show as a reward for going 30 days smoke-free; you go because you have a free night and $12 and it sounds like fun. These are no-strings-attached things to do. The list is just a reminder of all the ways you love to have fun, a handy reference for whenever you might have cause to use it and celebrate the fact that you are alive.”

Here were mine. I’ve put a strikethrough the ones I’ve done this year, and I’ve added some new ones as well.

  • Spend an entire day at the beach
  • Spend an entire day reading
  • Visit a museum I’ve never been to before, like the DuSable or the NMMA
  • Eat a peach (and play a good album)
  • Say “yes” to a random invitation when I have plans to do something more dull
  • Visit the Garfield Park Conservatory when it’s cold outside, all the better to enjoy the tropical interior
  • Drink a beer chosen by the bartender at Quenchers
  • Lose my voice singing along to a mix CD of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals
  • Learn how to sing harmony on a Girlyman song
  • See a band in concert I’ve never heard before

What about yours? Got any new ones? Any that you’re happy to have done?

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Celebrations Check-In

  1. Hmm… would this weekends’ highs in the low seventies count as “cold”? If so, there is a county fair happening at the Garfield Park Conservatory this weekend! It may be a bit colder than usual inside, what with the massive hail storm damage and all.

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