New Centerstage Review Up

Last week I reviewed The Swordswomen of San Gimignano at New Rock Theater. The large setpieces were far too stilted, and one of the main leads, Serafina, wasn’t comfortable in the role. But there were many entertaining scenes, and some good performances. I mention the buffoons in the review, but Ruffaelo (Almir Limaj) and Roberto (Mike Ardashnikov) are also a good comedic pair, with an easy rapport. Here’s an excerpt of the review:

“Swordswomen” is a comedy in the classic sense, which means we have lovers who need some help getting together, cross-dressings and misunderstandings, and hapless henchmen providing more insightful commentary than the main characters.

You can read the rest of the review here.

5 thoughts on “New Centerstage Review Up

    • Ha, and I asked if any of the female cast members was in Babes with Blades and apparently none of them is.

      I don’t understand stage swordplay. It looks so uninteresting when they literally trade three blows, maybe. Is it supposed to be more exciting? Am I missing something?

  1. I dunno, it’s sometimes exciting but you’re right, usually it’s too quick. TV and film swordfights take their time. By the way, I’ve always loved the fact the fact that every great movie swordfight of the last thirty years, Star Wars, Highlander, Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings, have all been choreographed by one guy, Bob Anderson.

    Babes With Blades’ name is actually a bit misleading, they do swordfighting in most of their plays, at least one I’ve seen just had hand to hand combat. Mostly I like them cuz they put on good plays and as individuals, their main stars are all lovely folk.

    • Yeah, I’ve only seen one Babes with Blades show but I actually remember some of its swordfighting being pretty thrilling, and I enjoyed the play overall.

      I didn’t know that about the choreographer. Do you notice signature moves of his across all those films?

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