ACAM: Singapore — Where to Go, Part 1

Thanks for all the fantastic suggestions on the last couple of posts, dearest fellow travelers! It feels good to have the main outline of the trip more clearly sketched out. I believe we left off ACAM in Indonesia, which means that now we turn to the city-state of Singapore.

Every time I look at a map of the world, I see the tiny dot of Singapore on the tip of Southeast Asia and assume it’s a small city perched at the end of Malaysia. In fact, it actually consists of 63 islands, and it’s not a small city, it’s rather large. It’s true that most of it consists of city, but there’s a surprisingly large swath of public park land to explore as well. An old friend recently visited Singapore, and the pictures of his trip make me even more excited to go there and see what else about it will surprise me.

Marina Bay Sands
This hotel sounds sort of terrifying with its endless supply of luxury items and services. A hotel, shopping mall, casino, and even museum, it’s a monument to capitalism and aspirational living. I’m curious to see the place as a whole, but the main attraction is the infinity pool. Check out this photo!

over the edge

The infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands

Photo courtesy of Hale Cho.

It looks like you go right over the edge! The pool is totally secured there, but the water runs over it in such a way that it looks like a sheer dropoff, an edge to tumble over and a glittering city to fall into below. I am most definitely going in this pool and taking many heart-stopping photos of me “falling,” because if you can’t cause your parents heart palpitations from thousands of miles away, what kind of daughter are you?

The Southern Ridges
This is some of that unexpected parkland, and it looks delightful. There are all sorts of green spaces here, from meticulously planned gardens to a canopy walk through the tops of trees in the lush tropical forest. There’s also a famous bridge, the Henderson Waves, which gives the appearance of rolling gently through the air from one park to the next.

Look! Up in the air! It's an ocean! It's a bridge! It's... sightseeing!

Photo from

You can join guided tours through different parts of the park, learning about all the animals scampering about and the plants practically glowing their green at you. The canopy walk takes you right to a museum. Several different trails take you on different kinds of walks, with differing levels of difficulty. This kind of city/nature integration is a model I’d like Chicago to learn from, for sure.

So! There are a couple places I will definitely visit when I’m in Singapore. I’ve had a couple couchsurfers from Singapore, and I’m hoping I can stay with them each for a couple nights and catch up. In fact, one of my couchsurfers, the lovely Mindy, is a biology genius and a nature guide, so I might be able to snag a personal tour! Work your connections, people.

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