Go See This Play!

Go see this play! “Orpheus featuring DJ Puzzle as Fate” by Filament Theatre Ensemble. Go see it with a friend, and go in a joyous mood. It’s a fringe theater experience that’s actually really well done and won’t take up your whole night:

A nearly wordless but never silent fifty minutes pass in the warehouse space of Lacuna Artist Lofts, converted simply and convincingly into Club Dionysus, where the audience is encouraged to let their hair down, grab a glass of wine, and dance with the three nymphs who start the play off on an energetic high that never abates.

You can read the rest of the review here.

The director’s note is all about how he wants to recreate the Dionysian impulse to give over completely to ecstasy and theater, and while that sounds sorta silly on paper, the dedication of the performers combined with a willingness on the part of the audience makes it a real possibility, and a tantalizing one at that.

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