A Few Quick Notes

Hello dearest fellow travelers. Some quick notes on this busy Tuesday:

  • We have one or two posts to go for ACAM: Indonesia (depending on timing — one for sure will be up this Thursday), and then it’s on to Singapore!
  • The Suggestion Box is a little bare. If you have a spare moment this week, please stop by and add your favorite restaurants, sightseeing spots, city parks, etc. to your favorite cities around the world. It’ll help with my trip so much. Thanks!
  • The Walk for Choice and Save the American Dream rallies were great! Good turnout on a chilly, snowy day, and a lot of camaraderie between the two groups. My friends and I started at the Walk for Choice, and then peeled off to strain to hear speakers at the workers’ rights rally and cheer with the crowd. I made two signs, one of which was straightforward–“Union Busting is Bad for Business”–and one of which led people to believe I was pro-life! Oh dear. It said “Why is Congress Sentencing American Women to Death?” and then in smaller letters “Stop HR 3 and HR 358.” Sessily pointed out that if you didn’t know about HR 358’s legislation of medical neglect, you might see “Death” and think I was talking about “killing babies.” Oh well! We tried to meet up with the Walk for Choice at its endpoint, but all we saw were pro-lifers releasing a hundred balloons labeled “Life” into the air; we couldn’t decide whether abandoning Life to the elements meant they are now no longer pro-life or if it just turned into a euthanasia rally. Also, someone dressed in a full Chewbacca costume was there, on the wrong side, dancing with the pro-lifers. Perhaps he was just confused without Han there to translate for him. Really, it is a metaphor for the American public. Just Wookieing around until Han comes back with some terse words of direction and a new sense of purpose.

Dearest Fellow Travelers, tell me what you're thinking!

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