The Good, The Bad, and The Silly

The Good

The Awl has a guy in Egypt who sends in photos and updates on the growing unrest there and the violent reaction of the Egyptian government (I believe 10 people have died so far). And it’s the young people who are leading this, determined to overthrow US-backed Mubarek in revolution. I only hope this turns out better than it has in the past. If you want to take action, there’s this Facebook group supporting  a boycott of Vodafone, because they complied with the Egyptian government in shutting down the Internet in Egypt.

A couple of great–and challenging–quotes on Dr. King’s legacy of non-violence and what it means for us today.

Let’s hope Obama and the Democrats stick to not raising the retirement age or reducing Social Security benefits.

The Bad

“Irrespective of one’s feelings about the healthcare legislation itself, that its repeal is being driven not by a grassroots objection but instead by vested corporate interests ‘dedicated to the repeal of the health care reform law’ is chilling,” writes Melissa McEwan. No kidding. Contact your legislators and support the Fair Elections Now Act! Corporations aren’t people, no matter what a wildly misguided Supreme Court decided.

Okay this is a bit longer but SO worth a read. It is a very simple, very scary explanation of where all that money we donated to help rebuild Haiti after the earthquake is going–it’s going to Billy Graham’s son’s organization, it’s going to evangelical groups, and in many cases it’s not going anywhere at all, as many groups are sitting on the money instead of using it to hire local workers, use local supplies, and get local communities rebuilt. The Graham/Palin connection is nauseating, as is the insistence of Graham’s group Samaritan’s Purse on proselytizing and celebrating all the conversions they’ve made–this, despite the fact that 96% of Haitians identify as Christian. Where’s the real need? And why are these groups avoiding it? (The Monsanto section is also disgusting and makes me want to stop consuming all corn products, except corn is in everything now.) I am so disappointed in USAID.

CNN should not be talking to Erick Erickson, whose violent rhetoric makes him a completely inappropriate media pundit. I know the country as a whole studiously avoided having a real discussion about cutting down on eliminationist rhetoric after the shooting in Tucson, but that doesn’t mean the discussion shouldn’t take place or that dangerous pundits should remain on air.

Put down that Chick-fil-A sandwich; they outright work against the rights of gays and lesbians and don’t deserve your dollars.

The Silly

Ha, it’s a guide to getting through so many social situations. (Via.)

Did you Eat a Toad & half for Breakfast? Do you frequently find yourself As Dizzy as a Goose? Our esteemed forefather, Benjamin Franklin, himself known for enjoying a tipple or two, thoughtfully collected over 200 synonyms for being drunk. Enjoy, and as they said in 1784, “E’rybody in the club get Nimptopsical!”


5 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and The Silly

  1. Damn I had some Chick-Fil-A in Champaign and really liked it, was excited for it to come to Chicago. I will probably boycott them although I just came back from notoriously anti-labor Whole Foods. It’s pretty difficult to shop one’s politics. Pretty much every corporation is going to do something horrible with your money.

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