Jump Back!

Attention! Next week this space will feature a Very Special three-day blogging event. Rory Leahy, dear friend, playwright, and producer, will be sharing with you the road trips he has undertaken in the last two years that have ended in the demise of whatever vehicle he happened to be traveling in at the time. This kind of bad luck and witty writing must be read to be believed, so be sure to stop back here next  Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Thursday!

I had houseguests all weekend, spent last night watching Netflix On Demand while eating goat cheese and crackers, and am currently dealing with a beach house crisis, so I didn’t write a big blog post for you all today, just this small one. (That is probably the bougie-est sentence I’ve ever written.)

For years now, I’ve been trying to introduce “Jump back!” into the lexicon. It’s from Footloose, that seminal dance movie of the ’80s. When the kids tell newcomer Kevin Bacon that dancing is banned in their town, he’s so surprised that he leans back in his chair and says, “Jump back!” I find it the most delightful way to express surprise. I got someone on the Internet to make me an animated gif, is how much I like this:

JUMP BACK! Kevin Bacon in "Footloose"


Jump back!

So go forth and spread the word, spread the gif. It’s even family friendly enough for your grandma or little nephew to use. Be a pioneer! And then rock out to Kenny Loggins!

Your life just got more awesome.

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