New Centerstage Review Up

I’ve recommended plays in this space with varying degrees of enthusiasm before, but here’s one that I recommend wholeheartedly — “Robin Hood: The Panto!” at the Piccolo Theatre in Evanston. (I have no idea what happened to my paragraph breaks in the review, by the way.) A snippet:

The panto is a British holiday tradition as tasty as mince pie and as important as the Queen’s speech (although luckily for the audience, it’s much funnier). Piccolo Theatre of Evanston carries on this grand tradition with the uproarious “Robin Hood: The Panto!” British pantomimes have nothing to do with Marcel Marceau and everything to do with broad characters, bad puns, and audience participation.

Read the whole review here and get tickets here. I sent my parents and aunt & uncle this past weekend, and they agreed that it was well worth it. You will laugh throughout, and if you’re lucky enough to have kids in the audience with you, it’ll be even better. Enjoy!


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