Your Spring Mix 2010

Greetings, dearest fellow travelers! It’s Just- spring, the trees are in bud, the ground’s squelching into mud, and the goat man’s afoot. Time for some tunes! Here’s your Spring Mix 2010. Guaranteed to have you warbling like the robins in the trees as you bounce down the street with daffodils in your hands and a grin on your face.

If you sign into Lala, you’ll be able to play the music and see how you like it (sorry, I can’t embed the playlist here; WordPress doesn’t support it):

Spring in Your Step 2010

I Can’t See Nobody—Nina Simone
Be My Baby—Ronettes
Never Forget You—Noisettes
Love Me Til the Sun Shines—The Kinks
Two Weeks—Grizzly Bear
Louie—Ida Maria
Wanderlust King—Gogol Bordello
Holiday—Vampire Weekend
When Water Comes to Life—Cloud Cult
Ambling Alp—Yeasayer
Blue Sky—Joan Baez
Town Called Malice—The Jam
We Came to Dance—The Gaslight Anthem
Searching for the Ghost—Heartless Bastards
I Wish, I Wish—Cat Stevens

Bonus: A (NSFW if your work is against nonsexual nudity) video for Yeasayer’s “Ambling Alp”:

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